Meme - Tip 58 - Vlogs tell world you're an expert

Stop being camera shy! Easier said than done…or is it?

How many hits does your website get every day? No matter what the number is, you always, ALWAYS want more! What if I told you there’s a free way to drive traffic to your website, generate new leads, simultaneously enhance your SEO and, oh yeah, it only takes a few minutes?

It sounds like I’m touting snake oil, but I’m not.

How does video help Google rankings?

I’m talking about YouTube. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, but many businesses, (including your competitors) aren’t utilizing it. While everyone else is scrambling desperately to climb to the first page of Google’s organic search engine rankings, you could be sailing to the top of YouTube’s organic results.

I know what you’re thinking: “Video are expensive! I don’t have that kind of budget!”

Fair, but we’re not talking about remaking Titanic.

Any good YouTube video either entertains or informs. Leave the “entertainment” to the pranksters or big budget operations. You need to focus on information and that is something I know you already own.

Attention Coaches & Consultants!

Think of it this way:

Over my career, I’ve put in enough hours to be considered an “expert.” While my expertise is vital to doing my job (video production), it’s also crucial to gaining new customers. My clientele values my insights and advice. It’s why they hire me in the first place! You’re in the same boat. By creating simple videos that leverage that expertise, you can gain more customers.

Video blogs (you talking to camera about a topic related to your field) are virtually free for you to create. All you need is a web camera (most of today’s computers have these preinstalled) a free YouTube account and your expertise (sweat equity). Here are four simple steps to creating a successful video blog:

  1. Give useful information about a topic potential clients search for online. For instance, a realtor might give advice about inexpensive ways to increase a home’s resale value.
  2. Keep your video short, around two minutes. (More tips on length can be found here.)
  3. Welcome the viewer to contact you directly for more information. Offering your email address is more personal than just reciting your website.
  4. When uploading to YouTube, title the video what you expect a potential client would type into a search engine. For instance, “How do I increase my home’s resale value?”
  5. Include a link to your YouTube video on Facebook, email newsletters and Twitter.

What if no one watches your video? Creating it wasn’t a waste of time. Google owns YouTube and creating fresh video content on YouTube helps push your website to the top of search results on Google. You cannot lose.