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What You Must Know if You’re Going to Create a Video Blog

Did you know there are several things I have noticed about those who create a video blog following. Whether you want to be a thought leader in your industry, book more speaking gigs, or build your sales funnel where you convert viewers into clients, this is the video for you.

The first C is Content. People like Content and they want to hear what you have to say about the topic they searched to get an answer. Remember, the content is more important than the production value. If you know your subject, and you are the expert here, you’ll have great content worth watching…even if the production value is substandard.

The second C is Consistency. This is so important to gaining followers. They need to know that you’ll be posting good information on a consistent basis. Whether it’s once a week, once a day, once a month, or once a quarter, they want to know when it’s coming. So tell them and do it! Create a Content Calendar to keep you on track when you start. Then as you move forward through the list, mention what’s coming up next week or some time in the future. By creating the calendar, you’ll also have no excuses to getting started. You already know the content…now it’s just executing it. Reward yourself for making it happen! It’s OK to celebrate your victories along the way!

The third C is Confidence. It’s not easy to turn on the camera, talk to no one, edit the video, and post it…it takes confidence. You’re an expert in your field and people want to hear what you have to say. Remember, the most negative voice you’re going to hear along the way is your own little voice in your head that tells you all the negative thoughts. Once you start to see how many people watch your videos, give you some good feedback, or people start to share your videos, you’ll feel much better. But remember, it takes time! Don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t take off right way. Keep going!

Now it’s time to get started. No matter what, craft a list of subjects you can talk about, create a calendar, stick to it, and hold your head up high knowing you’re doing a great job! I’d love to see your work, so if you’ve created a video blog based on some tips you found helpful from, send them to HERE so we can see them!

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