Image of Jenn reviewing the Mini Octopus Tripod

An Honest Review of the Mini Octopus Tripod

Here’s what I liked about this product:

  1. Affordable. At just under $15 on Amazon, this item is a steal. It’s simple to use and comes with an extra tool that I’ll get to in a second.
  2. Tiny. It’s small enough to carry in a bag or purse so you can always have it with you. Regular tripods are sometimes bulky and hard to travel around with, but the size of this item is just right for specific situations and uses.
  3. Legs are Bendy. I love how bendy the legs are. We’ve used this to shoot time lapse videos from a dropped ceiling and can even use it to hang from your rear view mirror if you like. Just remember, driving while shooting a video is not a safe thing to do, so make sure you are the passenger if you’re going to use it this way. The video shows me driving, but I was in a parking lot with no other cars around.
  4. Bluetooth Remote. The extra tool I mentioned earlier is the bluetooth remote. I like this because it removes the need to edit the video to remove me walking in or out of the shot to push the record button on the phone. The bluetooth tool allows you to connect with the phone and start and stop recording at the touch of a button.
  5. Several other versions. One thing to note! There are several other items just like this on Amazon, but the less expensive ones do not come with the remote. I think it’s worth the extra few bucks!

Here’s what I didn’t like about this product:

  1. The packaging and pictures on Amazon shows an iPone attached to the handlebars of a bike. Not in a million years would I do that with my phone. The bendy legs do not feel sturdy enough to stay attached if the road is a little bumpy.
  2. Large Phones. If you have the Plus size iPhone or comparable Samsung sized phone, the holder on the top of the tripod won’t work. You’ll have to have a smaller phone.
  3. Small. Because the legs are so short and small, it’s tough to get a great eye level shot when using your phone. You’ll need to stack some books up to raise the tripod or place it on top of something to raise it up.
  4. Getting a Level Shot. Because the legs are bendy, a level shot might be a little tricky. Trying to decide if the camera is level is tough to see until you play it back, so my recommendation is to use the level app in the phone (free in the app store) to make sure you phone is level before shooting.

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Mini Octopus with Bluetooth Remote

Mini Octopus – No Remote