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Ok. you know how you’ve always wanted to create a video blog, but didn’t know if you’d be good on camera…if you’d be able to do it…probably second guessing yourself? Guess what! I’ve been there! When I first started to doing my video blogs, I was also very unsure if I would do well, if people would even like it, and if it was even worth it. I can tell you, all my second guessing was for nothing!

Shortly after staring my video blog on YouTube, I received an very nice email from a connection I had on LinkedIn…someone I didn’t even know. She shared with me that she was a long time TV personality in the Washington DC area and she currently mentors new, younger reporters. She said she really loved the way I delivered on camera and how I was a personality in front of the camera. She said she wanted to share the video blogs (YouTube) with her mentees/students so they can see how they should be presenting in front of the camera. Honestly the nicest email I’ve ever received.

Here are my 4 Best Tips to Perfecting Your On-Camera Personality:

  1. Smile! Smile while you talk. I know it sounds awkward and difficult (and it is), but it makes all the difference in the world. When you smile, you’re telling people you’re approachable and confident in the information you’re sharing. It shows you’re comfortable in front of the camera. It’s really important that if you want people to pick up the phone because you’re so approachable, you must smile while you talk (on camera)!
  2. Turn Up The Energy. Pump up it up. While you see me speak to the camera, you’ll see me speak at a higher volume, many more inflections in my voice, and more hand gestures. If I spoke to you that way in person (one to one), you’d think I was crazy and ask me to calm down a little. It’s intense when it’s in person, but when the camera lens is between you and the viewer, you need to push through the glass. Turn up the energy so you engage and compel them.
  3. Reading. Please don’t read your content. I know you’re uncomfortable and I know you think you need your crutch, but guess what? YOU’RE THE EXPERT! You know your stuff! If you don’t…go back and learn it more. But my guess is you do. Rather than sound flat by reading your information, use the last point and turn up the energy! By the way, if you sound like don’t know your stuff, I probably won’t buy from you anyway because you sound like you’re not too confident in what you’re saying. Get past your insecurity about being on camera and talk like you know your stuff! If you mess up…so what! Keep going! You are human right?
  4. Pick Your Personality. Fine tune your on-camera personality. Find the elements that are already there, the stuff you know are you, turn those up and get excited about it. When I talk on my video blog about video, I’m excited because I’m passionate about it, but I don’t talk like that all the time. You better believe I’ll talk to the camera that way, though! That’s what you need to make sure show up when you’re in front of a camera. Talk to your friends or family and ask them what those personality traits are about you and use them! Don’t forget to consider your profession. If you’re a therapist, you probably don’t want to come across as a crazy salesperson, right? Be yourself, but turn up your personality!

You don’t have to MY personality, but you do have to have A personality! I hope these tips are helpful. If you like these tips, please Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get more great tips like this!

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