Meme Tip #64 - How Long Should Blogs Be

They say it’s all about “Perfect Timing.” I agree, but not in the way you might think. For online video, longer doesn’t always mean better, and especially when we’re talking about video blogs. Video blogs are nothing more than an expert, like you, giving advice about issues relating to your field. Videos blogs deliver more information than entertainment, so it’s best that they’re short. How short? About two minutes.

Being an expert, you likely have a ton of information and advice to give. That’s why video blogs are a great marketing tool for you! However a video blog filled with too much information can be overwhelming to anyone watching it. They might not sit through the whole thing. They may even think you’re boring!

You’ve undoubtedly heard singer-songwriter Bobby Womack’s brilliant advice: “Always leave them wanting more.” When it comes to video blogs “wanting more” means conversions like subscribing to your YouTube channel, joining your email list, and eventually, hiring you!

If you’re having trouble staying within the two minute time frame, you might be making one of these common mistakes:

  1. Reciting your resume at the beginning. You may feel compelled to justify yourself as an expert, but honestly, explaining the breadth of your expertise is not interesting to viewers. A viewer clicks “play” because they want to learn more about today’s topic, not because they really want to get to know you. As they watch the video, they’ll come to understand that you’re an expert, and your professional history can easily be included in the profile portion of your YouTube page.
  2. Cramming in too many details. It sounds counter intuitive, but your expertise can be detrimental to your video blog. As a professional in your field, you know the infinite factors that need must be considered in any project or decision, but don’t get tripped up by the minutia. Boil it down so it’s easily digestible.
  3. Going off on tangents. Tangents take too much time! Remember to stay focused on your topic. One time I was watching this video blog and the guy started talking about…. See that? Tangent. Don’t do that.

Getting the hang of sticking to a two minute video blog may take some practice. If you find yours is longer, review it with an objective ear, determine what you can cut and rerecord it. If you’re really stuck, ask a friend to help.

Happy vlogging!