Two Types of Must Have Content

What type of content should I be thinking about when creating a blog?

Funny you should ask! There are two types that I like to say every video blog should have. The first one is EVERGREEN content. Evergreen content is content that is always relevant (or at least for a substantial amount of time). Not only is evergreen content good today, but it’s good into the foreseeable future. Think of evergreen content as the type of content that doesn’t really go bad. In this blog series that I’ve created, the evergreen blogs I’ve created are the ones like, “Perfecting Your On Camera Talent” or “Three Common Video Blog Mistakes,” or if you’re a realtor, you might consider a topic like, “How to stage your house for the sale.” All of these are solid topics that will always be useful to your audience or interested in learning more.

Topical Content is more about topics that are relevant right now. For example, when Apple releases a new iPhone or when they released the Apple Pencil, several bloggers might post a more topical blog like, “A Review of the latest iPhone.” Another example, if you’re a financial planner and the markets are soaring, you might create a topical blog like, “What to do while the markets are hot.” When something is current and happening and you create a blog about it, that’s a Topical Blog Post.

Which Is Better? Topical or Evergreen Blog Posts?

I love evergreen content because it can serve you for a long time. They’re topics that are helpful for a long time, so you get a lot more mileage out of your effort and work. You might find that a video blog you created that was evergreen might be one of the more watched blogs because people continually want to learn about it. One of the blogs on our Plum Productions site that has been popular is “Top 5 Questions to Ask a Production Company Before Hiring Them.” This evergreen post has been informative for a long time and continues to be a great post for Plum.

On the other hand, topical posts are great for getting some good bumps in visitors or web traffic. You might find they bring people to the site for a short time, but after a little while, the topic wears off and becomes more ineffective than effective. There’s nothing wrong with this and it might fit your strategy, but it is also the more difficult type of video blog to execute because you have to do the work as soon as the topic is relevant and get it posted quickly before anyone else does or before another post is more popular.

Which Type of Post Do I Recommend?

I recommend a mixture of both, but a larger quantity of blog posts be evergreen in nature. I’d venture to say a 90% Evergreen Content vs. a 10% Topical Content is about right for most blogs. It gets you the eyes in the long term and the occasional bump to get new eyes on the site/channel, etc.

I hope this post helps you focus in on what type of content is right for your video blog. If you have a recommendation on a topic or product for me to review, please post a comment below and I’ll do my best to get to it with an answer or a new post! If you haven’t already subscribed to my channel, please go to the MyVideo101 YouTube Channel and subscribe today!

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