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I’m sure you’re an expert in your field and as such, you have important information to share. A productive way to share information is to record and upload videos to YouTube. This can help you with your increase traffic to your Facebook page, increase Twitter followers, and, hopefully, increase the number of subscribers to your channel or newsletter list. Since you’re an expert, you should also look like one. Gone are the days that you can just record and post. If you want to appear to be an expert, it should look and feel somewhat professional…and yes, this can be done on your phone!

Here are a few tips to creating better videos that will help you rise in SEO on Google. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is alive and well, so you should be trying to capture more online market share. Here we go:

Content is King…Especially in Video

You shouldn’t try to create something elaborate. Remember, a video you do yourself should be educational and informative. If you provide great content, viewers can excuse poor production. Make sure your video is full of valuable information about the specific topic you’ve chosen to speak about.

Video Can Work For Almost Any Business

While not every business should create a video, the more likely question what type of video should your business have? For example, a business that sells products should have a demonstration video; a service industry video should have advice or information driven videos. Service industry companies should be creating very topic focused videos.

Confidence In Front of the Camera

Easier said than done sometimes, but put your insecurities aside. Think about your level of expertise. Do you know more about your industry than 90% of the general population? Then you should know that you have the RIGHT to be in front of the camera.  One way to improve confidence is to refrain from memorizing a script. If you try to memorize, you’ll sound scripted and disingenuous. It would be better to have points to cover with some additional “um’s” or “ah’s” than just reading information. No one wants to sit through that.

Technology – Use What You Have

You can use a webcam, smartphone, or high end camera. Any of them work. If you’re going to use your phone, hold it sideways (like your TV looks) and invest in a lavelier or tie clip for a microphone. The built in microphones will not pick up your voice as effectively as you think, so the small investment is worth it. You can pick one up on Amazon for under $20 and it makes a big difference in your final video.

Keep Posting Video

Fresh content is also key when posting videos. You want to try to post something a minimum of once per week in the beginning. After four months, bring it to two or three times a month. Four months later, you can probably drop it to once a month and still maintain your ranking. But, the more you post, the better you are (to a point).

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