Building Better Video Blogs

Building Better Video Blogs

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Producing Testimonial Videos

Thumbnail for video about producing powerful testimonial videosProducing Powerful Testimonials

Using Rave Reviews to Attract more

Maximizing SEO with Video


Maximizing Your Reach

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Ring Light (for your iPhone) Product Review

This post is a review of the ring light for the iPhone on Amazon. I’ve used this product and here are my comments.

3 Common Video Blog Mistakes

I have noticed several people out there doing video blogs. I’m so happy to see this. If you’re not yet doing them, I’m going to share with you in this post the three most common mistakes I’ve been seeing out there. Most of the video blogs I’ve seen are pretty […]

Review of the Mini Octopus Tripod

An Honest Review of the Mini Octopus Tripod Here’s what I liked about this product: Affordable. At just under $15 on Amazon, this item is a steal. It’s simple to use and comes with an extra tool that I’ll get to in a second. Tiny. It’s small enough to carry […]