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Building Better Video Blogs

Video Blogs are the easiest way to enhance Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and position yourself as an expert in your field. With this 5-Part Video Series, you’ll learn how to come up with an endless stream of ideas for topics, lighting and audio tricks to make you look and sound professional, what to wear, what not to wear and many more simple tips for creating video blogs that stand out.

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Effective Video Testimonials

No one can sell your business better than your happy clients! In this 5-Part Video Series, find out how to determine which customers will be best on camera, what words every good video testimonial must include, how to get customers to want to rave about you, where to shoot the video, how to coach them effectively, and many more easy tricks for getting the best results!

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Using Video To Maximize Your Seo

Your videos complete. Now what? In this 5-Part Video Series, you’ll learn how to use your videos to maximize Search Engine Optimization. Great content deserves to be seen and this Series helps your website get listed above competitors using these simple tips and tricks so your potential customers can easily find you online and feel confident about what they find.

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Every business needs website video! Video boosts your online visibility, increases sales and promotes your business like no other marketing tool. Hiring a professional production company can be a big expense; one you might not be ready to take on right now. But just because you don't have the budget doesn't mean you should miss out on this powerful marketing medium. is for small business owners like you.

Our tutorials are created specifically with the busy, non-technical entrepreneur in mind. They're quick, easy to understand, and show you how to create quality videos with very little technical knowledge or specialized equipment. Your guide, Jennifer Jager, boils down her extensive knowledge of corporate video production into fun and simple tutorials. You'll get ideas, learn easy technical tricks from a pro and produce videos that benefit your business.

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DIY Video On a Budget

I’m sure you’re an expert in your field and as such, you have important information to share. A productive way to share information is to record and upload videos to YouTube. This can help you with your increase traffic to your Facebook page, increase Twitter followers, and, hopefully, increase the number of subscribers to your channel or newsletter list. Since you’re an expert, you should also look like one. Gone are the days that you can just record and post. If you want to appear to be an expert, it should look and feel somewhat professional…and yes, this can be done on your phone! Here are a few tips to creating better videos that will help you rise in SEO on Google. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is alive and well, so you should be trying to capture more online market share. Here we go: Content is King…Especially in Video You shouldn’t try to create something elaborate. Remember, a video you do yourself should be educational and informative. If you provide great content, viewers can excuse poor production. Make sure your video is full of valuable information about the specific topic you’ve chosen to speak about. Video Can Work For Almost Any Business While not every business should create a video, the more likely question what type of video should your business have? For example, a business that sells products should have a demonstration video; a service industry video should have advice or information driven videos. Service industry companies should be creating very topic focused videos. Confidence In Front of the Camera Easier said than done sometimes, but put your insecurities aside. Think about your level of expertise. Do you know more about your industry than 90% of the general population? Then you should know that you have the RIGHT to be in front of the camera.  One way to improve confidence is to refrain from memorizing a script. If you try to memorize, you’ll sound scripted and disingenuous. It would be better to have points to cover with some additional “um’s” or “ah’s” than just reading information. No one wants to sit through that. Technology – Use What You Have You can use a webcam, smartphone, or high end camera. Any of them work. If you’re going to use your phone, hold it sideways (like your TV looks) and invest in a lavelier or tie clip for a microphone. The built in microphones will not pick up your voice as effectively as you think, so the small investment is worth it. You can pick one up on Amazon for under $20 and it makes a big difference in your final video. Keep Posting Video Fresh content is also key when posting […]

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Stop Ignoring the Title! How to Create Successful Titles For Your Video Blogs

“On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents of your dollar.” – David Ogilvy In case you read that quote too quickly, read it again. It’s important. David Oglivy is widely considered the father of Advertising and he earned that title by thinking about advertising differently. How do you stack up? So you’ve created an awesome video for your business. You’ve spent hours crafting your message, creating just the right statements, and you took the time to shoot the video. You’re ready to post it to YouTube. One of the boxes you must fill out is the name of the video. This is where most of us make the biggest mistake. We don’t take this box seriously. This can make or break your post. If you consider David Ogilvy’s statement above, you should spend about 80% of the total time creating the content (not the shooting portion) on creating the title. Ok, maybe not 80% of the total time, but a significant amount of time. It will pay off later. How can I be more effective? Here are 7 Tips to a Writing More Effective Blog Titles Keep the title under 65 characters. This is the number of characters displayed in search results on Google, etc. Reference the Reader. The word “YOU” catches the reader’s attention much more effectively than an indirect reference to the reader. Let them know you’re speaking to them. Use Interesting Adjectives. Using an common adjectives is much less captivating, so get out that Thesaurus (or use Google) and delight your readers/viewers! Negative Wording Works. Using negative terms taps into your reader’s insecurities. Am I missing out? What do I not understand? Words like, “No,” “Without,” and “Stop” induce more shares. Go ahead, share this newsletter…It has the word stop in it. 🙂 Numbers. Readers and Viewers like numbers. Give me 4 reasons to read the article or 13 tips in your video to make me share it. If you are an expert in your field and you can offer 43 ways to list a home for sale, I’m going to read (or at least skim through) your list. It also gets shares. Use a Formula. Consider this formula: # or Trigger Word + Adjective + Keyword + Promise. Here are a couple of examples. See if you can tell the difference. Example: How to Bathe a Rhinoceros Using Formula: 16 Unbelievable Ways to Bathe a Rhinoceros Indoors Example 2: How to Sell Your Condo Using Formula: How You Can Effortlessly Sell Your Condo in Less than 24 Hours Brainstorm. Using the tips above, write out 10 to […]

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Meme - Tip 58 - Vlogs tell world you're an expert

Why You Need to Stop Being Camera Shy. Immediately!

Stop being camera shy! Easier said than done…or is it? How many hits does your website get every day? No matter what the number is, you always, ALWAYS want more! What if I told you there’s a free way to drive traffic to your website, generate new leads, simultaneously enhance your SEO and, oh yeah, it only takes a few minutes? It sounds like I’m touting snake oil, but I’m not. How does video help Google rankings? I’m talking about YouTube. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, but many businesses, (including your competitors) aren’t utilizing it. While everyone else is scrambling desperately to climb to the first page of Google’s organic search engine rankings, you could be sailing to the top of YouTube’s organic results. I know what you’re thinking: “Video are expensive! I don’t have that kind of budget!” Fair, but we’re not talking about remaking Titanic. Any good YouTube video either entertains or informs. Leave the “entertainment” to the pranksters or big budget operations. You need to focus on information and that is something I know you already own. Attention Coaches & Consultants! Think of it this way: Over my career, I’ve put in enough hours to be considered an “expert.” While my expertise is vital to doing my job (video production), it’s also crucial to gaining new customers. My clientele values my insights and advice. It’s why they hire me in the first place! You’re in the same boat. By creating simple videos that leverage that expertise, you can gain more customers. Video blogs (you talking to camera about a topic related to your field) are virtually free for you to create. All you need is a web camera (most of today’s computers have these preinstalled) a free YouTube account and your expertise (sweat equity). Here are four simple steps to creating a successful video blog: Give useful information about a topic potential clients search for online. For instance, a realtor might give advice about inexpensive ways to increase a home’s resale value. Keep your video short, around two minutes. (More tips on length can be found here.) Welcome the viewer to contact you directly for more information. Offering your email address is more personal than just reciting your website. When uploading to YouTube, title the video what you expect a potential client would type into a search engine. For instance, “How do I increase my home’s resale value?” Include a link to your YouTube video on Facebook, email newsletters and Twitter. What if no one watches your video? Creating it wasn’t a waste of time. Google owns YouTube and creating fresh video content on YouTube helps push your website to the top of search […]

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Meme Tip #64 - How Long Should Blogs Be

How Long Should My Video Blog Be?

They say it’s all about “Perfect Timing.” I agree, but not in the way you might think. For online video, longer doesn’t always mean better, and especially when we’re talking about video blogs. Video blogs are nothing more than an expert, like you, giving advice about issues relating to your field. Videos blogs deliver more information than entertainment, so it’s best that they’re short. How short? About two minutes. Being an expert, you likely have a ton of information and advice to give. That’s why video blogs are a great marketing tool for you! However a video blog filled with too much information can be overwhelming to anyone watching it. They might not sit through the whole thing. They may even think you’re boring! You’ve undoubtedly heard singer-songwriter Bobby Womack’s brilliant advice: “Always leave them wanting more.” When it comes to video blogs “wanting more” means conversions like subscribing to your YouTube channel, joining your email list, and eventually, hiring you! If you’re having trouble staying within the two minute time frame, you might be making one of these common mistakes: Reciting your resume at the beginning. You may feel compelled to justify yourself as an expert, but honestly, explaining the breadth of your expertise is not interesting to viewers. A viewer clicks “play” because they want to learn more about today’s topic, not because they really want to get to know you. As they watch the video, they’ll come to understand that you’re an expert, and your professional history can easily be included in the profile portion of your YouTube page. Cramming in too many details. It sounds counter intuitive, but your expertise can be detrimental to your video blog. As a professional in your field, you know the infinite factors that need must be considered in any project or decision, but don’t get tripped up by the minutia. Boil it down so it’s easily digestible. Going off on tangents. Tangents take too much time! Remember to stay focused on your topic. One time I was watching this video blog and the guy started talking about…. See that? Tangent. Don’t do that. Getting the hang of sticking to a two minute video blog may take some practice. If you find yours is longer, review it with an objective ear, determine what you can cut and rerecord it. If you’re really stuck, ask a friend to help. Happy vlogging!

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Jennifer Jager is a busy entrepreneur. As the founder of a bustling video production company, Jennifer knows firsthand how short on time most business owners are.  When she was asked to teach a group of professionals how to create their own videos at a networking event, she was floored by the turnout! Small business owners across all industries knew they needed to incorporate video into their marketing plans, but they didn’t know where to start. Jennifer empowered them by showing them the basics, and the idea for was born.