Building Better Video Blogs

Building Better Video Blogs

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Producing Testimonial Videos

Thumbnail for video about producing powerful testimonial videosProducing Powerful Testimonials

Using Rave Reviews to Attract more

Maximizing SEO with Video


Maximizing Your Reach

How to Grow Your Video Audience

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How My Favorite YouTube Personalities Help You Make Better Video Blogs

In this blog I share with you some tips I learned from my favorite YouTube Bloggers. If they’ve become successful with these few tips, you might be able to do it too. First, stay consistent and true to your audience. Second…

Evergreen vs. Topical Content in Your Video Blogs

What type of blog post should I create? There are two types of content every video blogger should have: evergreen and topical. The difference is subtle but create different results. I explain why in this post.

Perfecting Your On Camera Personality

If you’re not sure how to create that on-camera personality or you’ve struggled with getting past your own mental block about what you sound like, you’re not alone! Let me give you 4 Tips to think about before putting off another video blog.